In 2024, scholarships from RELO Türkiye are available for eligible participants.The selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • information gathered through the application form, letter of motivation, pre-interview questionnaire and interview
  • geographic diversity
  • applicants’ general ability to access professional development opportunities
  • applicants’ plans to share their knowledge and experience gained throughout the course 


All applicants should ensure that they meet the following entrance requirements: 

  • You must have a high school degree and show a capacity for college-level education, including a good understanding of the English language and solid writing skills.  

  • You must remain calm under pressure, commit to conveying a difference of opinion respectfully, and be willing to work as a positive team player.  

  • Non-native English speakers who did not graduate from or are not pursuing a degree in a language-oriented program (including but not limited to English Language Teaching, English Language and Literature, English Translation and Interpretation, English Linguistics, American Culture and Literature) should demonstrate their proficiency in English (CEFR / C1) by submitting a valid test score from one of the following examinations: 



Minimum Score 









Cambridge C1 Advanced 


Cambridge C2 Proficiency 


PTE Academic 


  • All participants must show a willingness to plan and teach in groups and to work reflectively.

Application Process: 

If you ensure that you meet all of the above requirements, you may apply for the SIT TESOL Certificate Course by following these steps in full and in the given order: 

  1. Fill in the Application Form: 

  2. Successful candidates will receive an e-mail of approval. Once your application is approved, you will receive the pre-interview questionnaire and submit it by the deadline stated in the e-mail.  

  3. After submitting your pre-interview questionnaire, you will be asked to schedule your interview. 

  4. After interviews, successful candidates will be asked to complete their enrollment by submitting a scanned copy of the Conditions of Participation document (to be shared with eligible applicants) to by May 26, 2024.